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Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum

Aug 3, 2021

Dan discusses his background in miniature wargaming and then talks to one of the architects of a popular Second World War themed video game about the genre, its development, growth and challenges.

1. War Games through the Ages 3,000BC to 1,500AD by Donald F. Featherstone
2. How to Play War Games in Miniature: A...

Apr 28, 2021

Revisionist History host Malcolm Gladwell joins Dan to discuss the development of U.S. precision bombing ideas, Curtis LeMay and the firebombing of Japanese cities.

1. Bomber Mafia by Malcolm Gladwell
2. Revisionist History
3. Dan Carlin's Destroyer of Worlds
4. Dan Carlin's Logical Insanity
5. Dan Carlin's Logical...